May 10-13  |  Colorado

Glen Eyrie Castle

Exclusive Retreat | Spring 2018

Intimate Retreat with 6 Special Women!

Visit the Famous Glen Eyrie Castle and Grounds

Lead with Authentic Influence

Look deep within yourself, first at your own authenticity and secondly, at how you use your authenticity to influence others. Lead courageously as God has called you!

Renew Your Vision in Scripture

Glen Eyrie has an incredible history. Built in the early 1870's by General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs. Elegance in the Castle with pristine gardens and meticulously groomed meadows awaits you.

Authentic Influence is using your genuine, God ordained, self to reproduce genuineness in others. It takes courage to operate from a place of honesty and genuineness. Through Romans 12:9-10 each woman will dig deep within herself.

Intimate Retreat for 6 Special Women

Stay in Perfection at the Historical Pink House.


Intimate Retreat with only 6.

The Pink House provides a private home with antique furnishings perfect for our intimate retreat! Situated facing the Castle, next to The Glen Rose Garden, with its own outdoor courtyard. Amazing views next to wonderful hiking trails. Perfection!

One particular issue about this retreat that may make us women uncomfortable, is the possibility of rooming with someone you don't know.

I decided to let Debbie pick my roommate for my retreat experience and it was clear from the beginning that she was inspired.  To save funds, we ended up carpooling with each other (a lady I had never met before).

The Ultimate Experience


(Medical Professional)

It seems God allows us to be put into situations that make us uncomfortable and that these times are when He helps us grow the most.  We discovered that we had a lot in common--because we talked all the way there, at the retreat, and all the way home.  We now are enjoying the benefits of friendship that can't be measured.

Debbie has such a heart for helping other women and it shows in everything she does.  I'm so grateful for Debbie's heart and for these retreats and will be going again.  I promise you'll experience God's spirit in a very real and awe-inspiring way!  Thanks Debbie--and I recommend this retreat to everyone.

Double Occupancy

I've attended two of Debbie's retreats...

and to anyone who is thinking of attending, I would say, "Go with an open heart and mind."


Relax in Tranquility

A Landscaping Dream

Learning Environment

Decor that Inspires

Yes, it's a Castle!

Glen Eyrie in Colorado

Beautiful Areas

Dining is an Experience

Ornate Hallways

Many Places to Explore

Sleep in Luxury

Fun Unique Bedrooms

Reflection and Study

Time to Ponder

Take a Tour

It's a Must-See

Discovery & Friendship

Develop Bonds that Last

May 10 - 13 |  Colorado



This Tudor-Style castle was built in 1871 by General William Jackson Palmer (the founder of Colorado Springs).  Now owned by The Navigators, it is open for public tours and events.

The Castle is nestled in the mountains and is just north of the Garden of the Gods rock formations.  The name alone relates the feelings that God's creations inspiring in us all.  So it is no mystery why The Navigators have dedicated this place to being a Christ-Focused Conference and Retreat Center.


Retiring from 30 years of leadership in a Fortune 500 company, Debbie uses her talents to host women's retreats, co-lead a local Celebrate Recovery Ministry, and serve as the President for the St. Louis Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women.

Debbie Luxton

Thrive Mentor and Life Coach

NAPW STL-Chapter President

Author of "Choose to Thrive"

Executive Committe Board of Directors CCNI

Debbie has multiple titles and a mountain of accomplishments.  Her greatest success comes from her personal journey of perseverance in discovering and living out her God-given area of impact.  That is, her ability to help women leaders through their conflicts and struggles with empathy, to live the thriving life they were created and designed for.

Debbie has a unique ability to see and share perspective.  Her empathy and wisdom resonate with high-achievers, in such a compelling manner, that it has lasting impacts in their lives.

Debbie has joined the Christian Coaches Network International Board of Directors, Executive Committee, to help this organization as it grows and expands in educating and supporting Christian Coaches around the globe.

Her passion and vision is to help women called to lead implement healthy boundaries and live true to their God-given area of impact as they CHOOSE to THRIVE.

3:00 PM Arrival / Registration

6:00 PM ~Dinner

7:30 PM Opening Remarks/Ice Breaker

DAY 3 / Sat ~May 12th

DAY 4 / Sun ~May 13th

DAY 2 / Fri ~May 11th

7:30 PM Breakfast

9:30 PM "Love from the Center"

10:30 PM Breakout

12:00 PM Lunch

2:00 PM "Run from Evil"

3:00 PM Breakout

6:00 PM Dinner

DAY 1 / Thurs ~May 10th

7:30 PM Breakfast

9:30 PM "Be Good Friends"

10:30 PM Breakout

12:00 PM Lunch

2:00 PM "Authentic Influence"

3:00 PM Breakout

6:00 PM Dinner

7:30 AM Breakfast

9:30 AM Closing Remarks

10:30 AM Checkout


Intimate Retreat for only

6 Women